COO Best Practice Guide

This COO/Operations Best Practices Guide is a significant compendium of useful articles, research studies, and checklists from some of the top experts in the world, along with content from the Operations Council. Topics are categorized by several, broad categories that will allow busy operations executives to quickly locate the most useful information via the Table of Contents with “quick links” to all chapters and articles, along with links to chapters in the footer of all articles.

COO Best Practices Guide

2024 COO/Operations Sentiment Study

In the face of a complex business landscape characterized by geopolitical risks, economic uncertainties, and talent challenges, the 2024 COO/Operations Sentiment Study provides invaluable insights into the strategic priorities and outlooks of Chief Operating Officers (COOs) and other operations executives. Drawing responses from more than 300 COOs and related titles, this study illuminates the multifaceted challenges and opportunities shaping C-Suite planning for the year ahead.

2024 COO/Operations Sentiment Study

State of Operations Talent Study (2023)

The objective of this year’s study was to identify how COOs and operations executives are managing ongoing talent challenges. Overall, the results of the study are encouraging. However, the survey also revealed a few recurring themes and shed light on some common challenges that most COOs are facing. All data included in this report was gathered via an anonymous and confidential survey, which included more than 200 participants.

Operations COO Talent Study

Board Effectiveness: A Survey of the C-Suite

Driven largely by market forces, business is in a third great wave of corporate governance evolution. This follows significant changes brought about over the last twenty years by the Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank Acts. This current wave is driving the modernization of long-standing governance practices, impacting how boards fulfill their decision making and oversight responsibilities. But the changes are also surfacing conflicts and discontent.

Board effectiveness

2023 Controller/CFO Sentiment Study

What will Controllers and CFOs do differently in 2023? This inaugural study seeks to understand how current business and economic environments are impacting corporate financial planning, strategy, priorities, and outlooks. The 2023 indexes represent a “bullish” outlook for individual company financial performance, along with a “cautious” plan for spending. The new indexes will serve as benchmarks for future data, while identifying trends in financial performance and organizational spending.

2023 Controller/CFO Sentiment Study

5 Key Considerations When Implementing a Modern BI

You’ve had your “aha moment.” You’re finally ready to change your organization’s approach to business intelligence (BI)—or take it to the next level—and you’re eager to implement a solution and get your team up and running with their new tools and insights.  If you’re in the process of selecting a BI tool for your company, this eBook is for you. Our sponsor MIBAR will share their take on the key considerations for deploying a modern BI approach across your organization

Implementing Business Intelligence

Cloud Success Begins with Cloud Discovery and Assessment

Adopting cloud means undertaking a major transformation, even if you think you’re simply going to “lift & shift” workloads from the premises to their new home in the cloud. This transformation can only succeed if you have a clear understanding of your current information technology. The data collected through Discovery & Assessment enables businesses to understand their existing IT infrastructure, how it can benefit from cloud migration, and the best approach to cloud migration for each workload. Download this guide to learn more about the entire cloud journey, beginning with Discovery & Assessment.

Cloud Discovery and Assessment

Account-to-Report: A Critical Link in the Finance Value Chain

Record to Report is at the center of the finance organization’s processes and is a critical link in the finance information value chain. The Record to Report drives the transformation of transactional data from upstream operational processes into complete, correct and compliant information to populate consolidated results which underpin information provided to stakeholders; feed reporting processes at the legal-entity level; and provide the basis for statutory and tax accounting reports.

Account-to-Report: A Critical Link in the Finance Value Chain

The Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Security

The traditional perimeter-based security model no longer adequately addresses cybersecurity challenges for several reasons and there is no way to harden the perimeter enough to resolve those. Instead, the solution is to recognize that there is no such thing as safety when it comes to information security and malware. Businesses need to operate in an environment in which each and every request for access by each and every user is examined each and every time. That results in a Zero Trust approach to information security, and in fact Zero Trust security is now the cybersecurity solution recommended by the federal government. 

Zero Trust Security Guide

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