The Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Security

The traditional perimeter-based security model no longer adequately addresses cybersecurity challenges for several reasons and there is no way to harden the perimeter enough to resolve those. Instead, the solution is to recognize that there is no such thing as safety when it comes to information security and malware. Businesses need to operate in an environment in which each and every request for access by each and every user is examined each and every time.

That results in a Zero Trust approach to information security, and in fact Zero Trust security is now the cybersecurity solution recommended by the federal government. In addition to segmenting networks and restricting user permissions, Zero Trust means access privileges are never granted on an ongoing basis; each and every request is evaluated and assessed for risk each and every time.

In this Zero Trust Security guide you will learn:

  • Seven principles of zero trust
  • Environments that would benefit most from a zero trust approach
  • How to apply zero trust principles
  • Important layers of zero trust protection
  • Phases involved in a zero trust implementation
  • And more!

Download now to learn more:

Zero Trust Security Guide