State of Operations Talent Study (2023)

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, COOs and their fellow operations executives have been contending with a series of unprecedented challenges including new remote and hybrid work environments, supply chain disruptions, rapidly changing economics, and perhaps most notably, talent challenges.

The Great Resignation and ongoing talent challenges have transcended industry boundaries. Organizations across virtually every vertical have been feeling the effects of of talent turnover, shortages and skills gaps. After surviving the pandemic, in 2023 COOs and other Operations executives can now re-focus on such priorities as talent, growth and organization performance.

The objective of this year’s study was to identify how COOs and operations executives are managing ongoing talent challenges. Overall, the results of the study are encouraging. However, the survey also revealed a few recurring themes and shed light on some common challenges that most COOs are facing.

All data included in this report was gathered via an anonymous and confidential survey, which included more than 200 participants, the majority (81%) chief operating officers (COOs), Operations VPs (8%).

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Operations COO Talent Study